This webinar, presented in conjunction with LCGC magazine and recorded on September 27, 2012, examines the levels of phthalates and BPA in small inexpensive imported children’s toys using new cryogenic grinding methods developed to process the different types of plastic toys examined.

The debate over potentially toxic compounds used in plastic production has created new testing methods and regulations controlling or banning plasticizers such as phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). Children’s products are often targeted for testing and regulation because the potential for toxic exposure is greater for children than for adults. The US has started to limit levels of some phthalates, including DEP, DEHP, DBP, BBP, for use in children’s products, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission has published testing methods for these regulated phthalates. The regulation of BPA, however, remains under debate.

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The USP general chapter <467> Residual Solvents is a method widely used for identifying and quantifying residual solvents when there is no information available on what solvents are likely to be present. USP <467> is divided into two separate sections based upon sample solubility: water soluble and water insoluble articles.

As required by the analytical procedure given in USP <467> for identifying and quantifying residual solvents in drug substances, drug products and excipients, SPEX CertiPrep now offers 35 analytes in Dimethyl Sulfoxide for Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 solvents. Our products are manufactured and double checked by our QC department to validate the certificate of analysis which accompanies each product.

Residual solvents in pharmaceuticals are trace level impurities of volatile organic compounds in final products or excipients. In general, residual solvents originate from manufacturing processes related to the preparation of drug products. They can also form during product packaging and storage.

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