New! Phthalates in Polyvinyl (PVC) Standards

SPEX CertiPrep is pleased to announce that we have two new phthalates in polyvinyl (PVC) products now in stock! These products are in addition to the current line of our popular consumer safety standards to include phthalate standards in PVC. Many popular consumer products and toys are made from PVC. The regulations for phthalates in children’s toys have forced the testing of thousands of children’s products for these restricted phthalates creating an increased need for Certified Reference Materials.

Phthalates in Poly(vinyl chloride) – 1.5 g

Poly (vinyl chloride) Phthalate Blank – 1.5 g

Please keep in mind that we also offer polyethylene standard to our customers in the plastics market

Phthalates in Polyethylene Standard – 5 g

8 Regulated Phthalates and BPS in PE – 5 g

Polyethylene QC Standards Blank – 5 g


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