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The Evolution of Pesticides


Human history is a tale of mankind trying to control their environment. One of the earliest attempts to master the environment was the control of food which led to the agricultural revolution. The rise of the agricultural controls increased the threat of the loss of livestock, harvests and livelihood through predation, pests and disease.

From ancient primitive methods, to more complex applications of farming techniques and tools, early pest controls evolved over the centuries at a slow pace. The Renaissance and following centuries saw the dawn of the age of scientific pursuits, which would eventually grow into all of our modern scientific disciplines.

In this issue of SPEXSpeaker, we look at the history and development of pest controls and pesticides from the earliest recorded uses of pesticides to the dawn of the industrial and chemical revolution. This issue will also follow the changes over the past 80 years of our modern age of chemical pesticides which was jump started with a bang after World War II and continues to evolve into new and complex forms of pest controls from organic farming to genetically modified organisms.

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