From Aluminum to Zirconium We’ve Got You Covered


30 mL Plasma Shots® for ICP-MS and ICP
Perfectly sized 30 mL Single Element Certified Reference Materials for ICP-MS and ICP

SPEX CertiPrep now offers 30 mL Plasma Shots for ICP-MS and ICP grade single element Certified Reference Materials. These 30 mL products deliver the same great SPEX CertiPrep quality in a smaller volume so you will have less waste.

With the added benefits of same day shipping and no hazardous shipping costs, these 30 mL Assurance® and Claritas PPT® CRMs offer accreditation by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 34.

Interested in custom 30 mL single element CRMs for ICP-MS or ICP? They are available with a minimum order order quantity of 3. Contact us today at 1.800.LAB.SPEX or email at

For additional product information, please visit


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