Speciation Analysis


Analytical Standards for Single & Dual Speciation Analysis

Speciation analysis has become common in many testing fields, including in the environmental, food and pharmaceutical testing labs. To analyze species in a sample requires Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for sample verification and method validation.
SPEX CertiPrep offers a wide variety of speciation standards, certified to the strictest ISO Guide 34 guidelines and tested on our own LC-ICP-MS.
Single and Multi-Element Speciation Standards include Arsenic (+3), Arsenic (+5), Chromium (+3), Chromium (+6), Selenium (+4), and Selenium (+6).
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What is speciation analysis?
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) defines speciation as ‘the distribution of an element amongst defined chemical species in a system’. Speciation analysis is the analytical process of identifying and/or measuring the amounts of one or more individual chemical species in a sample.
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Accreditation is Key


Calibrate with Confidence® with SPEX CertiPrep!

To ensure the validity of results from today’s high performance instrumentation, SPEX CertiPrep has developed am extensive line of the highest quality Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). How can we prove it?

We offer three levels of ISO Accreditation:

ISO 9001: 2008 Customer Satisfaction
• Open to all types of organizations
• Written procedures
• Documented complaints

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Technically Sound Products
• Specifically for organizations carrying out testing and/or calibrations
• Competent at quality and related tests
• Consistent manufacturing

ISO Guide 34:2009 Traceable & Accurate Reference Materials
• Specifically for reference material producers
• Validate methods to prove accuracy
• Report uncertainty and sources of error

SPEX CertiPrep is proud to be accredited by all three. By taking the extra steps of choosing to demonstrate our competence and comply with these standards, we are continuously proving that our tests and calibration results are technically competent and our products truly are of the highest quality.

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SPEX CertiPrep products are proudly made in the United States. We are based in Metuchen, New Jersey and have been servicing the scientific community since 1954.
We are committed to providing products that meet your required specifications by providing superior Certified Reference Materials for Analytical Spectroscopy and Chromatography. Made for Chemists by Chemists®

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Another way we show our appreciation for your continued business is through our Loyal Customer Rewards Program, SPoints. In addition to receiving the highest quality Certified Reference Materials, every time you make a purchase with SPEX CertiPrep, you will earn 1 SPoint (or credit) for every $10 spent. There is no limit on how many SPoints you can earn and they are good for up to one year after your order has shipped. There is no need to register for this rewards program; if you place a direct order of any qualifying product, you automatically earn SPoints rewards!

Your total SPoints earned from each order can be found on the bottom of your packing slip. If you do not know your total available SPoints, you can email us at CRMMarketing@spex.com or call us at 1.800.LAB.SPEX. SPoints can be redeemed for valuable merchandise such as gift cards, electronics, and even gift certificates towards your next SPEX CertiPrep purchase. You can redeem your SPoints at any time by emailing us at CRMMarketing@spex.com or calling us at 1.800.LAB.SPEX.