Tired of Mixing Your Own Standards? Let SPEX CertiPrep Save You Valuable Time!

SPEX CertiPrep offers Custom Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) because we realize that no two laboratories face exactly the same samples or have precisely the same requirements.

With SPEX CertiPrep’s custom CRM program, you can create custom standards to meet your specific laboratory needs. Our specialists will be happy to discuss combination of analytes, concentrations and preferred matrices with you. Our chemists will then design the most compatible, stable mixture using our comprehensive supply of starting materials and certified solutions.

Features of SPEX CertiPrep Custom Standards

  • Single and multi-component standards manufactured to meet your exact specifications
  • Packaged in a variety of convenient sizes and packaging types
  • Concentration, accuracy and stability of components guaranteed
  • Private labeling available
  • Custom packaging available; options to package in multi-packs or kits
  • SDS available in multiple languages

For additional information and to request your custom standard quote visit https://www.spexcertiprep.com/products/custom-standards or contact us at +1.732.549.7144 or via email at CRMSales@spex.com


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