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Speciation In Our World
In this issue we discuss the importance of arsenic speciation in rice products and a case study for methylmercury poisoning in Japan.


An In-Depth Look at the Importance of Arsenic Speciation in Rice Products
ABSTRACT:  Rice is an agricultural commodity of high economic and nutritional importance around the world.  Rice is a staple for nearly half of the world’s seven billion people with between 500 – 8000 million metric tons consumed each year.  Rice consists as a staple in more than 80% of Asian diets.  In recent years, there have been ongoing studies pointing to high levels of natural arsenic accumulation in rice. Rice is unique among the grains to exhibit this kind of contamination and the reasons for it are as interesting as they are necessary to understand in order to ensure a safe food supply.  Take a look at our article on rice and arsenic species in this issue!

A Case of Methylmercury Poisoning
ABSTRACT: Mercury is a common environmental and aquatic contaminant this found as both natural chemical by-products and persistent pollutants from agricultural and industrial processes.  In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Japanese citizens were plagued by mysterious neurological symptoms which later would be linked to industrial chemical manufacturing discharges into bays and rivers.  Our article on a historical methyl mercury poisoning event is featured in this issue’s discussion of speciation in our world.

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