Purchasing Options

Ordering Information
SPEX CertiPrep offers three easy and convenient ways to to place your order. Click here for more information.

SPoints Rewards
Redeem your SPoints for valuable merchandise. You are automatically enrolled when you place an order with us! For every $10 spent, earn one SPoint.  There is no limit on how many SPoints you can earn. Click here for more information.

Loyal Customer Programs
SPEX CertiPrep offers a Loyal Customer Program to reward our customers with an automatic discount ranging from 5% to 20% off all our qualified products.  There is no need to apply!  If you purchase a minimum of $2,000 in any calendar year and are in good payment standing with us, we will enroll you into the program automatically in the beginning of the next year so you can receive these discounts! Click here for more information.